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“For her part, Sophie Naubert delivered a solid performance of the magnificent melody
'Le soir' by Gounod, whose poignant beauty she aptly rendered. Her voice seemed to completely invade the space she was in, quite naturally and without the slightest visible effort."

L'Opéra magazine, Autumn 2020

On stage, the great triumph of the performance is the soprano Sophie Naubert, Gretel of an extraordinary vocal maturity coupled with an exceptional quality of play. One remains astonished by the technical solidity, the homogeneity of the voice, the perfect projection, the surety of the high notes piercing without difficulty through the orchestra and especially an admirable musicality. Of a confounding naturalness, the young girl moves, dances and twirls with the grace of a ballerina."

"[...] who complete with talent a cast with communicative ardor, of which we retain in first place the very promising Sophie Naubert."

L'Opéra magazine, Hiver 2023

Gretel, Hänsel und Gretel, Opera McGill

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